Becoming a member of a chapter allows you to take advantage of educational programs, newsletters, networking with other members in your region, and most importantly, being a part of a common voice for vascular nurses in a wide range of practice settings.

Contact Marie Rossi, SVN President-elect and Chapter Liaison, to assist with any questions surrounding your chapter or forming a chapter.

Society for Vascular Nursing Chapters

Colorado Chapter
Kimberly Shern
Arvada, CO

Central Florida Chapter
Chris Setzer
Orlando, FL

Mid Atlantic Chapter
Barbara Vogel
Bear, DE

Greater Washington Vascular Nursing Chapter
Alma Apostol
Lake Ridge, VA

East Tennessee Chapter
Tammy Seay
Knoxville, TN

Texas Chapter
Monica Kincade
San Antonio, TX

Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter
Mini Iype
Dallas, TX

Southeastern Virginia Chapter
Beverly Korff
Norfolk, VA

Great Lakes Chapter
Cimmaron Norton
Rochester, NY

Northeast Chapter
Dawn Paty
Albany, NY

Central Ohio Chapter
Dawnyel Donaldson
Columbus, OH

Coastal Carolina Chapter
Angela Ohnesorge
Charleston, SC

Upstate Chapter
Jodi Grossman-Rose
Simsonville, SC


Your passion for patient care and vascular nursing are the perfect combination for establishing a local chapter in your area. These five simple steps will start you on your journey.

  1. A sincere interest and enthusiasm on the part of the SVN members to establish a chapter
  2. A minimum of five individuals (all must be SVN members) are needed to start a chapter.  Non-SVN members are welcome to participate but are not eligible to vote or hold office.
  3. Chapters must be financially independent (See “Chapter Start-Up Information” on how to achieve this). Each chapter can set its own membership dues as necessary.
  4. Chapters will select a name that includes “SVN” in the title and develop local bylaws based on model bylaws that the national organization will provide for local chapters to adopt/adapt. Chapters have autonomy with respect to their mission, goals, objectives, and activities as long as there is no conflict with the national organization’s mission, goals, objectives, and activities.
  5. Chapters will pay an application fee of $60.00 to the National Office; a plaque and certificate will be given to each chapter. Chapters will pay an annual renewal fee of $30.00 to help offset postage and miscellaneous costs.

Chapter Resource Manual

The SVN Chapter Resource Manual was developed by the SVN Chapter Committee as a resource of useful information and tools to assist SVN Chapters as they complete the final stages of formation as well as the officially chartered Chapters